• Personal Injury

    • What steps should I take if injured in a car accident?
      The first and most important action someone should take after a car accident is to receive immediate and skilled medical care, as one's health and vitality come first and foremost. The next step is to contact a San Diego personal injury lawyer. With an attorney's help, experts can evaluate each aspect of a client's case to work towards determining who was at fault. If negligent or careless actions were indeed involved on another's part, pursuing legal action or aggressive insurance negotiations can ensue.
    • How much is my case worth?
      This answer is different for each and every unique case.  Sometimes a case will be worth a great deal.  Other times, the prospective damages can be minimal.  It is crucial to receive a full and thorough consultation with someone from the Law Office of Bruce C. Bridgman, who can advise one on the viability of a case and how much potential exists for compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering.
    • Why should I seek the help of an attorney?
      After being involved in an accident or incident caused by another person's or company's negligence or recklessness, there is the potential to recover substantial financial compensation for one's injuries and losses.  Simply put, a skilled legal team can help a person seek full and just damages, both through firm negotiation and aggressive representation.  If one chooses to represent himself, it can greatly reduce potential recovery because insurance companies and defendants will do all within their power to minimize their responsibility and losses.  A person needs a strong legal advocate to ensure that the best possible outcome in a personal injury case is pursued.
    • Are there limitations to how long I have to file a claim?
      Yes.  It is always in someone's best interest to act as swiftly as possible in pursuing a personal injury claim after medical attention has been received.  California has clear statutes of limitation upon personal injury filings (2 years) and medical malpractice claims (3 years from the date of injury), so immediate consultation with an attorney is recommended.